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  • Mental And Physical Health Equality In The Workplace

    Mental and physical health are still far from being treated equally in the working environment. Where are the CEOs and leaders sharing their experiences? They can’t be immune to experiencing mental ill health. We need them to stand up and inspire others. Employees need to feel confident that by disclosing their mental ill health, their career progression will not be compromised.

  • Real Health Radio Podcast

    Listen to me chat to the host of ‘Real Health Radio’ and founder of ‘Seven-Health,’ Chris Sandel. Chris is a highly respected nutritionist with clients all around the world. He helps clients improve their physical and mental health through the power of food.

  • How Do You Keep Going?

    When you feel like you have nothing left to give, you are exhausted and want to give up…these are some of the tools I have used to keep me on track. And more importantly a few reminders as to why recovery is worth it.