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  • It’s A 24/7 Job

    It may be ‘World Mental Health Day,’ but our mental health deserves attention everyday. I’ve learnt that if you neglect your basic needs, then you can end up in a dark place. Look out for yourself and others EVERY day.

  • ‘Jiggsaw Reflection Series 010’

    What happened to the real you? The one that existed before you created an online version of yourself. Recovery has taught me to accept the ‘me’ that exists in real life. She is a whole lot happier than the one she pretended to be when she was ill.

  • Look Beyond

    It’s all to easy to make assumptions about one another, without knowing the full picture. Recovery has helped me to let go of judgements and to be more open, in both heart and mind.

  • That Words…SEX

    After I left my residential treatment facility, I didn’t just need to reset my relationship with food, but I also had to learn how to exist as a sexual being in the world. It hasn’t been easy, but it has been a wonderful journey of self-discovery.

  • It’s Time To Grow Up

    Recovery from an eating disorder is about leaving what’s safe and comfortable. It is about leaving your child-self where it belongs, and becoming an adult. It’s scary, but so worth it.

  • My Never Ending Story

    Everyone has a story. Actually we all have several stories playing out on any given day, most of which we have little control over. My eating disorder made for a dull and sad tale; I was often stuck on pages, unable to move forward. Life in recovery, I am glad to say is very different, as I explain here in my piece for ‘Storytellhers.’