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  • How Far Have You Come?

    No matter how big, small or insignificant you feel it is, take the time to acknowledge every achievement you make. You don’t need to wait for someone else to do it for you!

  • ‘Jiggsaw Reflection Series 019’

    Are you one of life’s planners? Do you feel safe knowing what’s happening tomorrow and the next day? Most of us do, but these parameters can be limiting.

  • Adversity To Advantage

    I used to think of my eating disorder as something that took so much of my life from me. It is only in recovery, that I have learnt that it was perhaps my biggest teacher. I spoke to Petra Velzeboer, about how I use my experience to nurture my success, and craft out my own unique superpower.

  • I Am Tired

    The impact a mental health condition has on family and friends, is often massively underestimated. In the third blog from my anonymous guest author, they share their feelings of failure and guilt surrounding their daughter’s eating disorder.

  • ‘Jiggsaw Reflection Series 018′

    How many times do you hear someone say…”I just don’t have enough time.” Ironically…I hear it all the time! I am guilty of it myself, and have noticed how this year it has led to some unhelpful thinking.

  • Christmas As A Parent

    This is the second blog from my anonymous guest author. It is a raw account of the challenges they face, with a daughter in treatment 4 hours away from the family home. “We are taking Christmas to our daughter this year.”