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  • ‘Jiggsaw Reflection Series 018′

    How many times do you hear someone say…”I just don’t have enough time.” Ironically…I hear it all the time! I am guilty of it myself, and have noticed how this year it has led to some unhelpful thinking.

  • Christmas As A Parent

    This is the second blog from my anonymous guest author. It is a raw account of the challenges they face, with a daughter in treatment 4 hours away from the family home. “We are taking Christmas to our daughter this year.”

  • Everyday Feels The Same

    This is the first piece in my guest blog series. The author who wishes to remain anonymous, will be sharing his feelings as the father of a daughter with an eating disorder. Their honesty makes for uncomfortable reading, but it’s honesty that’s needed, if we are to understand the true impact that an eating disorder has on those around it.

  • Students And Eating Disorders

    Coping with an eating disorder at university can be a really lonely place. Here, I chat to Marteka Swaby about how to find support if you, or a friend you know is struggling.

  • This Tree…

    When you have lived with a mental health issue, it’s easy to find the biggest gifts in the most unexpected places. Who knew a Christmas tree could mean so much to me…

  • ‘Jiggsaw Reflection Series 017’

    Do you need an army of cheerleaders or can you be your own cheerleader? Recovery has taught me the importance of being your number own number 1 fan.