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‘Jiggsaw Reflection Series 010’

No, I don’t mean are you ‘faking it’ between the sheets…

I mean how do you ‘present’ yourself to the world everyday. We wake up and choose our clothes, how to wear our hair and what words to say to the next person we meet.

But on social media we can be anyone we want to be right? You can change your clothes, crop out a blemish, delete and edit words multiple times.

We have become increasingly removed from the person that wakes up first thing in the morning, before the ‘filtering’ has begun.

We ‘present’ the version that we think others want to see. Essentially we are constantly ‘faking it.’

We desire to tell social media how happy or unhappy we are, and the response we receive then dictates…how happy or unhappy we are…ironic!

A life lead through your ego is temporarily satisfying. A life led through your self-esteem is eternally nourishing.

When you wake up tomorrow, how about you try to be a little more congruent with the messy gorgeousness that really are.

The unedited, unfiltered one, is the one I want to meet.