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Jiggsaw Reflection Series 013

I’ve noticed how much of our attention is diverted to external factors outside of ourselves. TV, Radio, google maps, department stores, internet shopping, social media, laptops and those pesky iPhones.

We have forgotten to pay attention to the natural world around us, which gives us so much inspiration without wanting anything in return.

Where does your focus drift to throughout the day?
Are the things you are paying attention to bring you joy?
Do you see the glass half empty or hall full?

Einstein said “Energy follows thought.” A simple statement, but whatever you are thinking about, whatever you are paying attention to, is where your valuable energy is going.

Separating HOW you pay attention from WHAT you pay attention is difficult, because they are intrinsically linked. But there is a direct connection between how you pay attention, and the quality of your life.

Try this simple exercise…Think of a particular flower in your garden or park. Do you know anything about it? What does it smell like? How old is it and what conditions does it like best? Now imagine it’s the only flower left in the world. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. Almost immediately you think of the flower in a different light. You pay attention to it in a different way. If it was the only flower left in the world, it’s value and importance would jump enormously. The ordinary flower that you walked past mindlessly, suddenly becomes a precious treasure. The flower has not changed, but your perception of it has.

What I’m saying is that we have come to place so much value on things that don’t feed our souls. Our busy lives have led us to neglect paying attention to what really matters. We have become aliens.

My recovery from an eating disorder was very much about paying attention to what really made me tick from the inside. Seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary. Not taking people and places and nature for granted.

Changing how I pay attention, and what I pay attention to, helps me to deepen the quality of my life.