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Jiggsaw Reflection Series 015

Just be a human.

It might seem a strange thing to say, but I’m often asked how can I support someone with a mental health issue. 

And I simply say…be a human. There’s no need for big great costly gestures.

When I was struggling, all I really just wanted someone to reach out to me. To help me feel less alone, less of a nuisance and to know that I mattered to someone.

I didn’t have the words, and I didn’t expect anyone else to. A hug would have been more than enough.

But I also know that I wasn’t particularly approachable. You could say I was afraid, angry and lost. This doesn’t make it easy for someone to reach out…when this was exactly what I needed and wanted.

So, if you feel at a loss as to how to help…just check in with them, take them for a coffee, put a hand out, give them a hug if you can. If at first you are met with resistance…keep going. Don’t give up on them.

I can imagine there were many times my family and friends wanted to give up on me, but they didn’t…thank goodness…they didn’t.