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‘Jiggsaw Reflection Series 018′

This year has been pretty busy…but then again what’s new? Well, what’s new is how I will define ‘busy’ going into next year.

In this crazy 24/7 world that we live in, time has become a precious commodity. How many of us are already feeling the pressures of the end of the year and the beginning of a new one? How many of us will really slow down over the next two weeks? 

The next two weeks are going to a time for reflection, and although I am working for part of it, I am going to take some time to collect my thoughts, get my wellies on and fill my lungs with fresh air. 

There have been some ups and downs, but this year I am ending it with a heart full of gratitude and hope. I have made some new relationships, cemented some existing ones and laid the foundations to build others. 

I have grown more than I ever imagined, and every day I continue to learn something new about myself. I’ve had uncomfortable conversations, but every one of them has been an opportunity to grow and understand myself and those around me.

My recovery is an ongoing process, and is not exclusively defined by a number on the scales. I am constantly evaluating my thinking and my actions, and I am grateful to those who challenge me and keep me in check.

My lenses for next year are full of hope, but not expectation. I have no idea what may come, but I do know that I trust in myself to know that I will be OK – that I can rely on myself to get my needs met without resorting to unhealthy coping behaviours. 

I won’t be making any New Year resolutions, planning or writing lists, instead I am going to reflect on my ‘time.’ How I can use it wisely to continue my own personal learning, and how I can use it to support others. 

Being ‘busy’ has become an excuse for me to become “overwhelmed.” Time seems to be something that I have been constantly chasing this year, and has led to some unhelpful and destructive thinking. So, I am going to quit the “I’m so busy” mantra, and replace it with “Find the Time…To.”

Instead of trying to do everything, I am going to be more selective over what and who I choose to spend my time on. I have learnt that it is crucial for my recovery to find balance and quit the negative patterns that I can easily slip into.

I have worked out a simple equation to be something like this, ‘Thought-Feeling-Urge-Action.’ Everything begins with our thinking, and by not giving ourselves enough time to check in on the validity of our thoughts, we are in danger of triggering the rest of the equation. 

So, what will you ‘Find the Time To…Do’ next year?