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‘Jiggsaw Reflection Series 019’

There’s something comforting about routine, about the ordinary.

Planning…knowing what’s to come tomorrow, the next day and day after.

Most of us live in our safe spaces day in, day out, but is there ever a time when you just want to shake things up a little?

Ever a time when you just want to let go? Yeah me too, and sometimes someone or something will give you a little push…

…but sometimes you also gotta rattle your own cage. Slip through the bars and take a wander. You know there’s a lot of roaming to be done.

Take a trip yourself INSIDE yourself. Find the places you’ve been diverting for so long.

Your cab meter of time keeps on ticking, and all the while you are living in the comfort of the ordinary.

Every time I’ve rattled my cage, I’ve found a whole new piece of my puzzle. A piece that adds to my sense of belonging.

Cab meters are expensive, so don’t wait for tomorrow, or for your ‘future days’…you gotta do it now.

Even if it doesn’t work out how you ‘planned.’ I say screw the planning…nothing comes to those who wait.

Go do YOU…NOW.