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Jiggsaw Reflections Series 001

When I was in-patient we were encouraged to write positive affirmations in our bathroom mirrors for ourselves and our roommates. It was something that I found to be a really helpful tool. It was nice to write something for ourself and also to share a gift of kindness to someone else. I will be sharing these affirmations as part of my new ‘Reflections Series’ beginning with today’s…

A little reminder to you not to give up. To all of you who can’t imagine living another way…believe me when I say you can. I thought I was a ‘lost cause.’ I believed I could not recover. That after more than 10 years of living with my eating disorder, I was a hopeless case. I was wrong.

It’s never too late to start again, to make a change, to try it another way. You are so much stronger than your eating disorder. It takes a huge amount of strength and energy to become ill, so channel the same energy and strength to focus on getting well.

Believe me, it’s is so worth the fight, the tears and the pain you will go through.

Don’t try to do it alone. Seek out anyone who can be part of your support system. Ask for help, reach out to others, even when your eating disorder is screaming for you not to.