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Life Is A Continuous Exploration

Where am I going? What’s next for me? What’s my purpose? What is life all about? Are we just here to work our butts off, and then fade away?

These are questions I hear often, because we are all just searching for somewhere to fit in to this crazy ass place.

How about you stop searching for the answers. You don’t need to know what happens next. Remember the moments that made you feel alive…the unexpected, spontaneous ones.

Life isn’t a set timeline. It’s unpredictable. You might discover your life’s passion in your twenties or you might find it at 55. Who cares? Does it matter if you never find it? Not really. It’s when you stop trying, that life really shows up.

Stop trying to rush through your time here.  Quit the fear of ‘missing out.’ You are not. You are right where you need to be, in the here and now. Not everything that comes your way will end in with a rosy glow, but that’s ok too, it’s still part of your story. What doesn’t happen is often the best gifts we receive; they open new doors we never would have discovered.

Trust yourself. Trust you are being looked after. Stop layering the pressure on your weary shoulders. It’s ok to backtrack and reroute. You have many places to go and many people to meet. You still have many corners and paths to walk. How damn exciting is that? Give yourself the time and space to grow.

Life is not about about receiving a certificate to say you graduated with a 1st class honours. It’s a never ending journey of love, laughter, wounds, scars, loss and a heap of messiness. If you give it time though, life has a way of figuring itself out. We are all graduating…indefinitely.