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Seen AND Heard

World Mental Health Day 2019.

Yup another year has passed, and I’ve been reflecting on some conversations I’ve had in recent months.

One theme that has remained a constant amongst those I’ve spoken to, is something that I struggled with myself as a child.

The need to be Seen AND Heard. The age-old parenting philosophy that children should be ‘Seen and not Heard,’ infiltrates way beyond our childhood…sadly.

Humans need to feel valued, that we have a sense of purpose, that we matter to someone. It’s not abnormal, and is not ‘attention-seeking,’ it’s just the way we work!

Having a voice and feeling able to use it, is incredibly empowering. We all have a right to say how we feel, without feeling ashamed or the need to filter our words, just to fit into what we think we should say.

As a child I was incredibly shy and timid, and as a result found myself in my own head. Ultimately bottling everything up inside, led to unhealthy coping behaviours and a severe eating disorder.

So whether you are someone’s parent, wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, son, daughter, brother, sister or work colleague…take a few extra minutes today to make sure that those around you, feel not only seen, but ALSO heard.

A few extra minutes…we ALL have time to give those right?