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Too Sensitive?

I have been called “too sensitive” many times over the years. Mostly by members of my own family. It always upset me, because it was as if they were negating my feelings. I felt like I shouldn’t feel the way I did in certain situations, and that I just needed to “get over it.”

Now as a recovered person I think the complete opposite. I think it’s their problem, not mine. I am a sensitive, quiet and emotional person by nature, and I’m totally ok with that. Actually I’m more than ok with it, I really embrace these qualities I have and think that people who can feel deeply are beautiful souls.

To say someone is “too sensitive” allows them to avoid taking responsibility for their own behaviour, that may have caused another person upset. When a person has an eating disorder or mental health issue, it’s even easier to blame their condition for what they deem to be an ‘overreaction.’

Do not allow someone else who is most likely to be ‘emotionally constipated’ affect how you express your feelings. They are YOUR feelings and are valuable information for your own self-development.

When I shut my feelings off, or starved them away I ended up being a lost, sad soul. Feelings can be painful, but they can also be wondrous, and if someone calls me “too sensitive” these days, I simply move on…I may even call them a ‘dickhead!’