A Life To Be Lived

“I was diagnosed with depression at 14 years of age. It’s been an upward climb since then. I’ve been on 4 different medications, couldn’t complete my a levels despite always being a straight A student, have self harmed and attempted suicide.

I was admitted into hospital in November. Professional support has always been lacking for me. Pitfalls (17 let downs overall) in my care and treatment has left me feeling even more broken and let down.

However, I received this little note from the general manager of the mental health hospital I was in when I was discharged. It truly meant the world and I am certain that little things like this keep me going daily.

I am now 19 years old, a full-time mental health campaigner, published author and public speaker. I don’t want anyone else to go through what I’ve been through and share my story to try and stop that. She was right ‘what has been does not define who you can be’. I hope I’ve now shown that.”

Ruth Fox, UK