Alone In Treatment

“I’ve spent the best part of my teens in the English treatment system for my depression and anorexia.
 The very first time I went in, I felt cheated by my parents for admitting me. I was alone and afraid, and all I wanted was to be back home in my safe place.
I don’t blame mum and dad for admitting me but they did they go cold turkey on me. I want you to know they were strict parents so this was the norm for them, hard love and all that. My first admittance was for two months and not once did I ever receive a letter. I got the odd visit but when you’re 15 you still need your parents and that welcomed reminder of home, that place you should look forward to going home to. I can see the light now but it’s always a harsh reminder to me of what went before.”

Maria Hobbs, Chester, UK