Be An Original

“I spent my teens and twenties desperately wanting to be in the ‘in crowd.’ I tried to morph myself into every type of ‘box’ out there to comply with the latest trends.

No surprise that this identity that I was trying to create, led me to a severe eating disorder, self-harm and total lack of respect for my body.

Thankfully and gratefully, I found myself somewhere during my thirties when I decided to just get to know ‘me.’ I didn’t know what I liked, who I liked, who I was. I only knew the me with the mask I put on to the outside world. I was never a whole person; I was a ‘carbon copy’ of what I thought was culturally appropriate.

If I could tell my younger self to just give up chasing acceptance from everyone else, and start closer to home…with me…I would tell her everyday.

Be unique, be original, don’t conform.I promise you’ll save yourself years of heartache and pain.”