Be Your Own Friend

I saw this on my way home. Initially I walked past it, but went back to take a picture because the words really resonated.
 Sometimes (although not so much these days) I can be a terrible friend to myself. I will have a go at myself for not being good enough at my job, not good enough blogger, not good enough friend, girlfriend, daughter, sister. You name it, I’ll find a reason to berate myself.
During my eating disorder this was something I did on a minute by minute basis, but today I’m grateful that I’m a much nicer person to myself.
 What helped me, was to think of how I would have spoken to myself as a little girl. I definitely wouldn’t have punished her, criticised her or told her she wasn’t “good enough.” I would have told her that she was beautiful just as she was. That there are enough people in the world who will try to bring you down, you don’t need to do it yourself. I would also tell her that there are lots of people who will champion you, and those are the ones to seek and surround yourself with. Most importantly though I would tell her to be her own best friend.

Laura Hearn, Founder of Jiggsy, London