Clean And Grateful

“I have woken up this morning realising that this week I will be celebrating a year in recovery, 365 days and 12 months free from alcohol and drugs.
Two years ago my life was a catalogue of lies and betrayals. I was living in squalor with cockroaches as my friends. I had lost everything and everyone who meant anything to me.
My life changed when I was found completely passed out on a park bench. A man that I had never met, gave me a bed for the night and cleaned me up. He made me realise that there is compassion out there, there are people willing to take a chance on you. I did not want to return to the park bench the next night, so I found a shelter and began working in their kitchen in return for a bed for the night. 
I can’t believe where I am today. I still have a long journey to get back the trust from my friends and family, but today I feel the luckiest man alive.

Anonymous, Los Angeles