Even My Dog Is Fat!

”I was told to come here by a friend who went to one of your workshops you ran. I thought that this was a novel idea, and then wondered what I could write that might be different from the others you have.

I sat for days and days and couldn’t think of anything. I’m kinda like that. I overthink all the time, but I have a burning desire to stand out especially when it comes to my family.

Alas, I’m sitting there and then Rocco (my dog) comes waddling into the room and it struck me. My whole family are fat. My folks are fat, my brothers fat, his girlfriend is fat, my sister and her friends are fat, my cousins are fat, my aunt used to be fat (she’s passed), I’m bloody fat and to top it off my damn dog is even fat!

They say it’s genetic so did I ever have a chance? Can I lose the weight and be different from my family?”

Lucy, Wolverhampton, UK