I was 16 When I left Home

“I was never lost I only chose to never go home.
I was 16 when I left home. Full of loath for my 
family who always put me down, never understood my disorders (anorexia nervosa and acute bipolar). I’d suffered all my life and never knew the reasons why. It wasn’t until I was 16 and in the big bright world that I took myself off with a friend to Bali and that’s where my journey to recovery began.
 To anyone reading this I wouldn’t recommend following my path (it was frickin scary) but in the face of adversity, I recovered with the help of my friends, my surroundings and not being brought down by the very people who brought me into this world. 
I’m 6 years into recovery from my ED (my parents do know where I am so I’m not officially ‘lost’) but I’ve never been back.”

Eliza Brown, Tampa, US