I Am A Warrior

“I talk a lot about challenging myself in my recovery from anorexia and not letting that voice in my head guilt trip me in to restricting or not living my life. But right not I am not living this out as much I should be.

I worry what people will think if I sit down to a food I find scary. I worry that how my brain feels isn’t always worth putting myself through the challenges. Deep down it still scares me.

But the reality is, if I don’t challenge that voice in my head it’s going to stop me living the life I want. It’s going to stop me thriving and doing the things I really want to do.

So today I am going to commit to challenging my recovery from anorexia again so that my world doesn’t shrink inwardly around me.

This image shows my tattoo on the back of my neck…’warrior.’ I am a warrior, because I’m a brave fighter.”

Hope Virgo, London