I Am Free

This is me, like not literally me, obviously. But it’s my Jiggsaw that represents how I feel now in my recovery.
I love food. I always have. Most anorexics do. I wanted doughnuts, pizza, hotdogs, but I also like avocado, and vegetables. It’s just I could never figure out how to incorporate everything together in a balanced way.
I was so unbalanced in every aspect of my life, and it played out in my behaviours around food.
I’m so f***** grateful that since getting some help, talking about why I did what I did with my food, and learning to put some demons to bed…I can now enjoy ALL foods in balance.
 I’m no longer trapped behind bars, trapped in a viscous cycle of all or nothing.
I AM FREE, thank F***!

Casie Schubert, Chicago, USA.