I Am My Own Hero

“All of these words spring to mind when I think about my recovery. I’m so sorry to my family who had to endure 18 years of worry and heartache. I love them for never giving up on me.
 I had a lack of relationships during my eating disorder and felt isolated. I now have gained some amazing relationships in recovery and feel so much more connected to myself and others.
Control dominated my thoughts throughout my anorexia. I was controlled by it, but now I feel as though its grip is a lot weaker. I’m happier as a result.
 I now have the tools to stop me from cheating myself in my recovery. If I do then it’s my choice only.
I feel incredibly blessed to have had the chance to learn another way of living. I wish everyone suffering could realise it doesn’t have be darkness forever.
I am no longer a victim of my anorexia, I am my own hero.
My heart can now feel pain, love, joy, anger, peace, happiness. I feel every emotion now instead of just sadness.
I won’t describe all of the words I chose on here, but my message is that all negatives can be turned into a positive, and from someone who felt utterly hopeless…recovery is possible. Don’t give up and don’t give in. Not every day will go as smoothly as the one before or the one tomorrow, but please keep on going.”

Jodie Clostee, New York, United States