I Don’t Want An Arranged Marriage

“I come from a long line of arranged marriages. My parents met one day before their wedding, and the sand got my grandmother who was married at 16.

I grew up knowing that I either allow my parents to select a Husbsnd for me or I would be an outcast if I didn’t cooperate.

I have always hated the notion of my parents or anyone choosing who I spend the rest of my life with. I’ve grown up in Western society and I’m torn between the two cultures.

Next month I’m due to marry a man that my parents have chosen. They tell me he is a good honest person, from a well respected family, but I’m terrified. I’ve been having horrendous panic attacks, and they are getting worse.

I understand their beliefs, but they are not mine. I want to fall in love and choose who I get to share my life with. I don’t know what to do…if I don’t go through with it, I might lose my family, but if I do, I’m scared I will live a life of misery.”

Anonymous, location unknown