I Feel Free and Can Fly

The ocean is a special place for me. I have always been drawn to its mystery. When I was ill in my eating disorder I would go and stand and watch the waves. The ocean looked different each day, but my mood was the same; sad and lost. I thought the waves were talking to me – a reflection of my inner turmoil. 
I loved watching the birds fly over the waves with such freedom. I was envious because in my eating disorder I was trapped. My wings were clipped and I couldn’t go anywhere; I was stuck in the prison in my head
Now in recovery I often go to the beach and the ocean still reflects my mood. These days though, I am full of joy and gratitude. I feel free and I can fly
 “As waves in the ocean, reach high and low
, life will bring changes, as you come and go. 
But you must embrace both the good and bad. 
You must not go back to what you once had.
 Though you might be stuck in the here and now, 
You must gather your will to move on somehow
The path has been cleared, and troubles are gone. Once again healthy it’s time to move on. 
As the sun rises, your strength rises too. 
The day lies ahead, bad days bid adieu
. A spring in your step, a smile on your face. 
You may start out slow, but you will soon race.
As waves in the ocean move toward the shore. 
Peace lies at my feet, who could ask for more.”
(words by Betty Janko)

Shannon Reeves, Sydney