I Hated On My Body

“I hated my body. It repulsed me. 

I hid myself under baggy jumpers. I’d sit at the back of the class so no one noticed me.

I was picked on by all the guys in college. I had few friends. I’d spend hours in my room looking at magazines. All those skinny girls. Why me? Why was I like this?

I ate to push the feelings down, but it just made me feel worse. Ashamed. 

I’m now in my 20’s and I’ve grown to have more appreciation for my body. It’s not skinny, but hey…it’s mine. I don’t eat to escape anymore. I eat to live.

I’m still working through things, but I love me a whole lot more. Bodies are bodies. We are all different. I just wish those damn magazines would show the world that people like me exist.”

Abbie Shonan, UK