I Hid Candy In My Butt

“Yes…I really did this!
 By the time I’d reached middle school I weighed in at 185 pounds and my folks were pissed that I was getting fat so they decided to put me on some stupid diet. 
Obviously I played ball to appease them but they hadn’t a clue that in the evenings I’d go stash a tootsie roll or two down my drawers and wiggle my butt upstairs before anyone noticed. 
It became a habit and the thrill was always awesome. However, eating was enjoyable until after when all I wanted to do was puke it straight back up – not cool. 
I only did this a few times but it was a memorable occasion for me as it showed me the depths I was going to with my eating disorder. Luckily now I don’t have to stash candy in my butt, I can freely go and buy it myself. That said I haven’t touched a Tootsie in 5 years (I’m now 24).”

Maya Richards, California