I Looked At The Moon

“I dread the beginning of each day. I lie awake most nights wishing the hours away. I look outside my window and stare at the moon, knowing that daylight is coming.

I lock my bedroom door, and the keep the curtains closed so that the day doesn’t arrive. I hate it.

But I can feel things slowly changing in me. A feeling of hope and l less heaviness in my mood. I can’t believe that today I woke up as I always do, I looked at the moon, and I kept the curtain open. I’m not dreading today so much. I’m going to get out and take a walk. I’m going to breathe in the fresh air.

I really wanted to share this because I suddenly felt some hope that maybe better days are coming. I’ve been working really hard to change some of my negative self-talk. It’s not been easy, but I somehow feel as if something has shifted.”

Jon Monts, Vancouver