I Love Orgasms!

“So here goes…this has taken a lot for me to admit, but until recently I had never had a proper orgasm.
I have been so ashamed because most people have them way before my age (well at least that what we are told), but I have realised that my eating disorder completely shut off any sexual desire I had. It’s like I felt dirty at the thought of it. I felt as though I shouldn’t be allowed to enjoy sex, so instead I made sure whoever I was having sex with was satisfied. I neglected my own needs. 
In my eating disorder it seems that I neglected every part of my body, but I didn’t even really think about the intimate side of things.
 I’m now several years into recovery and I can’t tell you how much I enjoy being free enough in my head and body to enjoy an orgasm! I feel totally empowered just saying this. I don’t feel embarrassed or ashamed anymore, and I can now understand that it was impossible for me to enjoy sex because I never allowed myself. It was just another form of punishment.
I kinda want to remain anonymous because just sharing this was hard enough for me, but I want anyone who is still suffering to know that being a woman and not a child (which is what I was in my ED) is so much more fun. I am totally in touch with my body and more connected. Everyone deserves to feel pleasure.”
So there…I’ve said it…I LOVE Orgasms!!!

Anonymous, Vancouver, Canada