I’m A Fighter

“Since forever I’ve always been a fighter. I’ve never given up on anything in my life. If anything was ever hard I’d always push through and never give up. Now I dunno why but god has different plans for me and always puts hurdles in my way, I guess to test me, to test my capacity as a human.
So here’s the deal – I’ve always found it hard to eat. I’ve never really liked much food to be honest so it never really occurred to me much to eat. It was only when I used to play ball in high school that people started to notice and brought it to my attention that I was drastically underweight. But it didn’t matter to me, I was fighting my own fight and carrying on. I’ve always had this attitude and I still do today so my food issues will never beat me. I guess now I’m that much older I appreciate that I have an underlying problem but this is my way of dealing with it, I hope this thing reaches as many people who are like me.
 God bless ya’ll.”

Jed Donnelly, United States