I’m Not Alone

After a week out of the city, I’m back in the office reflecting on what has been a tough few days
My week off was not quite the breezy holiday I had hoped for, but then life doesn’t always give you what you want, but perhaps what you need.
Instead of thinking what I didn’t experience this week, I’ve chosen to focus on what I did. This photo of the English countryside was taken at the beginning of the week and was one of many gifts I received that was totally free.
 Other gifts came from loved ones – I often find it hard to accept help from others. During my eating disorder I was ‘rescued’ a lot and I now find myself wanting to do everything on my own…to sort my own problems. But this week I have learnt I’m not alone; that if I ask and accept help and guidance, then what can seem like a mountain can suddenly turn into a molehill. A total cliche I know!
I feel incredibly lucky and grateful to have a wonderful network of people around me this week who have lifted me up, given me some tough talking to, and encouraged me to stand up for what I believe in. One person in particular who has watched me shed many tears this week, but who has given me such strength to fight another day will never know how thankful I am to them.
So I guess my message is that life doesn’t always deliver what we want or expect, and it’s all too easy to feel hard done by or let down…but it’s a choice within us to decide how we look at certain events, people and places. Don’t try to battle everything alone…there are people willing to help you, if you let them.
 So today I have a huge amount to be grateful for. It’s a decision we all have the power to actively make.

Laura Hearn, Founder of Jiggsy, London