I’m totally diving into the weekend

Friyay morning, and I’m totally diving into the weekend…but before I do…

I wanted to thank all the amazing people who have inspired me this week to continue on the journey I am on.
I can find myself easily overwhelmed with feelings of inadequacy, not doing everything ‘perfectly.’ I have felt guilty that I’m not catching up with friends enough, not doing my job well enough, not reaching out enough and questioning my ability to add value, but I have also realised that I’m the one who sets my own expectations.
In my eating disorder I was an overachiever, perfectionist, my own worst critic and I realised this week that when I feel swamped I can easily revert back into these negative ways of thinking. 
On anyone one day I function on a different capacity. I can’t be firing on all cylinders all of the time. I’m not superwoman, and that’s ok.
This week I have done my best, I have done enough. I have met some truly incredibly amazing people who are all fighting their own battles in one way or another. I reminded myself this morning that I am enough…that we are all enough. Life is tough enough without being our own enemy.
As you go into the weekend, take a minute to think about all the people who have come your way this week, and all that you have done. Sometimes it’s just enough to give yourself credit it for making to Friday
Credit @guybourdinofficial

Laura Hearn, Founder of Jiggsy, London