I’ve Let My Child Take On My ED

“Throughout my life I’ve always been big. Even as a kid I was always ‘big boned.’ I was always the fat girl, the largest in the class, the one who couldn’t do track because I couldn’t run. Thing is, mom and pop weren’t fat, it was me, it wasn’t genetic, it was an issue I had with food, a bad relationship if you like.
I didn’t realise it until I was an adult however, and realised that my whole family had a bad relationship with food. Shari (my sister) would only eat take out, Bob my brother wouldn’t touch greens and mom would always give us too much choice. I vowed that when I had kids I’d control their food intake ’cause I knew that was my problem.’ Little did I know that when I had Jakey all I wanted to do was make sure he had everything and so the pattern carried on.

Now Jakey can’t run track, he can’t skip rope and all I can think of now is that I’m appalled I’ve let my child take on my ED.”

Anonymous, Boston