Less Salt? WTF!

“I’ve reached a place of stability (both with my anxiety and my eating disorder/exercise addiction) since beginning my treatment journey in 2010 that I never thought possible with my current outpatient team and support system.
For the first time, I think it could even get better!
Throughout the 10-15 years of my eating disorder thoughts/behaviors, I’ve considered restricting/controlling the intake of many many things (calories, fats, carbs, sugars, fiber, etc), but now I’ve learned my motto: “Don’t have WAYYY too much, but if you have too little your problems will be much worse.
If your doctor/team hasn’t talked to you about overdoing one of those groups yet, you’re probably fine.”
 Now that I’m pretty skilled at incorporating those things into my diet healthfully, I think my eating disorder is scrambling for control. I just began label checking for sodium levels. I’ve never thought about sodium before, no one has ever indicate to me that I should be concerned about sodium. Where is this coming from? Why now?
I’m using the same motto, and I think it will be okay, but this was just a reminder to me that my eating disorder is NOT concerned about my health. Not only that, but it will ALWAYS want more (restriction, obsessing, counting, and suffering) from me -no matter what.”

Ashley, Portland, USA