Little Miss Sunshine

“Ya know I was the girl with the glasses, ginger hair and an excess of puppy fat, that hung around for longer than the rest of them.

I put up with the name calling. Shook it off like it didn’t bother me. I’d go home and make up stories in my head. I’d had a whole heap of imaginary friends. It was my world. They weren’t invited.

I’m older now, wiser…and who knew that I’d be glad to be the ‘odd one out.’ Everyone is so set on being a carbon copy of the next person. Why? I don’t get why we all wanna look like everyone else. Perfect teeth, long glossy hair, dimples in all the right places, eyebrows plucked to oblivion and a body that only idolises Barbie.

Na, not for me. I’m the one that shines…from the inside.”

Jackie, Boston, US