Me Me Me

“I grew up in a pretty strict family. Both my father and grandfather served in the forces and I kinda get the feeling my folks were disappointed because I never showed the aptitude to follow in their footsteps. They couldn’t get it right the second time either cause I had a little sister and their old skool ways would never have allowed a girl in the forces. 
Growing up was tough but just like many eldest siblings I was always at the brunt of anything directed towards me and my sis. Looking back I reckon I was kinda treated a little shitty and anyway I developed what is now considered an eating disorder when I was 13. Basically, I ate way too much and ballooned in weight. 
Dad didn’t believe in psychologists, stiff upper lip and all, but mum pushed on and I started seeing an NHS recommended head-shrinker…it didn’t work so we went private. Worst thing that could have ever happened…my folks paying for something that was ‘all in my head’ and ‘nothing exercise can’t fix’.
 It was all ME, ME, ME after that. My dad just couldn’t accept it.
Anyway, turns out the therapy did work. Took 6 years though, I lost the weight, had a sprog of my own and I’ve moved out. See the thing is I felt guilty about eating and being so called ‘selfish.’ Yet now I understand and I am actively being selfish. I do things my way now…and guess what? It works.

Anonymous, UK