Morning Love Note

“My morning love note to life. May I slip out of the mind’s stories of suffering into the exquisite serenity of this moment. And rippling out further, of this life. Uncountable blessings.
Turn to breath, to beauty, to books–not to screens. Watch judgment, grasping, manipulation. Transform right here, right now–is it astonishingly close at hand? 
Plunge into the richest world of all–that in which you reside. Bathe in the senses. 
Delight in the design of benevolence.
Become entranced with this jarred succulent, the shadows cast on this table, the smoky, creamy flavors held in this handmade mug. 
Marvel at the intricacies and efforts of the body, the whispers of mysterious aches.
Meet the gaze of these feline princes, and acknowledge the unknowable wisdom they possess. 
Bow down. Be humbled. Give thanks.”

Annie Wooster, New York City