My Country Gentleman

“When I was younger and struggling with my eating disorder, I wondered if I would ever find someone who would just accept me as I am.
 So I tried to be someone else. I always felt not good enough, unlovable. I realise now, (being in stable recovery) that it was just my eating disorder telling me this. The more I believed the negative thoughts, the more I felt as though they were true
It was only when I decided to change for myself and fight back against my ED, that I began to grow more confident, and that became attractive to others. I decided that I would stop trying to change myself to suit others.
Then I met this guy who just totally accepted me as I am. He thought I was good enough because I thought I was. I’m incredibly grateful to have met my ‘Country Gentleman’ but I believe it only happened because I was able to show myself some love and appreciation.”

Anonymous, Florida, United States