My Grandad’s Sausage Roll

“My grandad’s last ever batch of sausage rolls!!! If you knew me and my grandad he used to always make me his homemade sausage rolls and if you knew my story I haven’t eaten one of these for at least 2 and a half years!!!! Not coz I don’t want to but coz I decided to not eat red meat. I don’t eat red meat coz I want to ‘save the animals’ (even though I love animals) and I don’t do it coz of my health…if I’m being honest I don’t eat red meat coz I’ve suffered from an eating disorder pretty horrifically for the past 10 years….the last 2 years I’ve been in recovery and have been doing pretty damn well ☺️ but I still don’t eat red meat.

Now when my mum told me she found these I wanted to cry…1) coz I know my grandad loved making these for me and my son and we used to love eating them ❤️ but mainly 2) ana (eating disorder) came straight into my head and told me I couldn’t eat them, that I wasn’t worthy of eating my grandads last ever sausage rolls that I’ve eaten ever since I was 13. That if I ate them I would be a let down and a disgrace!!!

Now am I gunna give in to Ana, I honestly don’t know…do I want to enjoy my grandads last ever sausage rolls? YES!!!All I know is people who are in the same boat as me you are not alone 💕 it is a constant battle, with constant challenges like any addiction have it being drugs, alcohol or sex it’s and addiction. Don’t let anyone tell you different or anyone undermine it. Just keep working through it and keep taking each day as it come. You will get there just like I know one day I’ll sit down and not feel guilty about eating stuff I’ve neglected myself for years!!!!

RIP GRANDAD I love you and will always remember you 😘

Kirsty, Kent