No Regrets

“How many times do you just sit and think of all the things you could have done?

In my 50 years I’ve lived in 7 countries, had 3 marriages, 5 children, made a heap of money, lost it all, and made some back.

I’ve taken some wrong turns along the way, but I’ve also taken some great ones too. As I sit at my dusty desk pondering whether to send this, I can’t help but wonder about all the things I could have done, but failed to do.

Life’s been a rollercoaster, and most of it I wouldn’t change for anything, but occasionally I sit and wonder “what if…”

If I was to tell my younger self, I’d tell him to always question the real reasons behind his choices. I’d tell him to follow his truth and not someone else’s. I’d tell him to not chase $ over integrity.

I’m sure if I had stuck to these, then some of the right decisions that I didn’t do, wouldn’t keep me awake at night as they now do.”

‘Pondering and Wandering, Seattle, USA