One Day At A Time

“I am celebrating 2 months since my last suicide attempt.

Life has been a struggle for me. I’ve struggled to fit in. I’ve been bullied. I have never wanted to be apart of anything.

Everyone hates me.

Well that’s what I thought until my last suicide attempt. I woke up to my mum, my dad, my brother and sister all crying over me in the hospital bed. But they weren’t crying because I had tried to commit suicide, they were crying because I cut myself and that I haven’t been able to express my feelings to them.

I thought there was no way of escaping the grief of my grandads passing so I hid it under the carpet away from everyone.

But that’s the worst thing I could’ve done because I expressed my feelings in the worst way possible.

Now with the help of family, friends and my doctor I am getting through it all. 1 day at a time, step by step. It will always be a struggle for me but I’m stronger and more able to face and fight the struggle of my mental illness.”

Beth, Birmingham, UK