Painting On The Smile

“I was diagnosed with depression earlier this year.

I finally went to the doctors. I’d not been myself for a while.

Couldn’t sleep, didn’t want to get up, no energy, feeling nothing, no excitement in anything, tearful, irritable. I stopped making plans. I felt pretty bad.

You probably wouldn’t have noticed at work though, because I’m an actress. I painted the smile on literally. Make up can do wonders for red puffy eyes.

My doctor was amazing. He listened, and didn’t make me feel ashamed to be asking for help. I’m now seeing a therapist and taking medication.

The last two moths I’ve felt a whole lot better. Life doesn’t feel so heavy and I’ve learnt so much about myself…some good some not so good, but at least I’m growing.

I just want to say that, there is nothing wrong in asking for help. People don’t always look on the inside, the same as they do on the outside. Don’t make assumptions about others and show kindness and compassion. It can go a long way.”

Juliet, Los Angeles