Recovery Is A Beautiful Thing

“Three years ago I walked out of the office, I was on the way home from work. I called my girlfriend that I’d be back in half hr, but instead of driving home, I drove to the beach and stood at the edge of coastline.

I stood there for 45 mins, battling with myself. Jump, Don’t jump. You’ve failed yourself, you’ve failed your family.

I was about to lose my job, the job that I’d worked so hard for. I felt useless and scared. How would I be able to provide for her?

I remember the time. It was 6:47pm. My phone bleeped and it was her. My girlfriend text me to say she had dinner ready and was looking forward to seeing me. It was that moment that I knew I couldn’t go through with it. She loved me and that’s what I need to feel right there in that moment

Three years later, I left the job. I got married. We have moved to a simpler life away from the city. We don’t have loads of money, but I’m content inside…I’m working on myself everyday. I have therapy and am taking antidepressants, and I’m learning to be OK in my own body and mind.

You can get better. You can heal. You are loved even if you don’t believe it. Life is a pretty cool place to be if you cut yourself some slack. I don’t think I’m a failure anymore. Im kinda glad I got to the point I did…it’s motivated to make changes I was too frightened to.”

Jack, Bristol, UK