Recovery Is Worth It

“Today I finally reached my recovery goal weight, which has me feeling all sorts of conflicting emotions-shame, fear, disgust…but also pride, joy, and a sense of accomplishment.

Weight restoration has been one of the most challenging components of recovery for me. For someone with an eating disorder, it’s like having the sole thing you use to validate yourself suddenly ripped away from you and being told to do the exact opposite.

HOWEVER, weight restoration is important not only so that my body can be healthy again, but so that I am able to fuel my mind as well. Now I am working on ways to validate myself that don’t depend on sizes or numbers, but on my achievements or the way I make others feel.

The past 7 months of anorexia recovery have been a real trip, but revelations like today make me realize how much recovery is worth it.”

Kahley Stiffler, Pittsburgh