Stop Apologising For Feeling

“Why would you say sorry for feeling? None of us can stop a feeling. Our emotions are what makes us a human and differentiates us from other species.

Give up trying to avoid them, numb then, block them or apologise for them. The only thing you can do is let them come and go.

This weekend I felt sad, lonely and tearful. I used to numb these out with starving, but instead I sat with them. I let the tears come. I accepted that this was what I needed to do. I stuck on a box set and got on the sofa. Yesterday I felt different, brighter and the tears had lessened.

Emotions, feelings…they come and go. Once I realised that they always pass or change, I was turn open to the teaching they gave me.

Your emotions don’t have to consume you. Don’t be scared to let the floodgates open. This is the only way to truly heal yourself.”

Anonymous, Manchester, UK