Finding Strength Through Pain

“Your failures and successes are equally a part of you.

The important thing is to acknowledge the good and bad. Don’t allow your mistakes to destroy and break you, because you need to accept yourself unconditionally.

Life will not always go the way you may have planned, but it’s about making the best of a shitty situation.

No one will know your pain but someone may understand, and opening up to people is likely to be challenging, because you can still get hurt and may feel betrayed.

Some people genuinely care and others might judge, however opinions don’t define you, they’re not a barricade.

Try to forget their criticism and assert yourself positively. Nobody can ever try to tell you who you are or who to be, as they’re not you and never had your exact experiences.

Everyone will struggle at times; a good mindset is the key. So let go of your facade that is slowly suffocating you, and embrace who you are and create your own story. 

You’re on a journey and still learning about yourself. Don’t worry because difficult times are only transitory. If you can’t change the situation, change your perspective, because that is where the control lies in your hands. Without a doubt, it will take time and be far from easy, but it may help at times when you don’t have backup plans.

Life will constantly be changing so try to adapt to situations, for you still have your whole future ahead and more to attain. 

And as soon as you feel defeated and beaten down, just remember you can find strength through pain…”

Aaliyah Fozol, London