Clean for 18 Months

My addiction almost killed me. It almost killed those around me.

I relapsed more times than I can remember.

I slept on park benches, unused garages. I ate out of public bins. I stole from those I loved – and those I didn’t.

The pattern was the same though. Get clean, then get back on it.

Until the day I realised something. I realised that every time I left rehab, I went back to the same place, the same people, the same everything.

So last this last time, I did something different.

I moved cities, I joined a local volunteering community, lived in a hostel and found a purpose.

I have been clean now for 18 months, and I don’t miss anything about my old life.

The people I hung around with, were not my friends. They were my enemies and fed my addiction.

Do not give up hope that you can get well. But do not expect to do it by staying in a toxic environment.

Anonymous, Leeds