Upset Tommy

‘Upset Tommy’
 This is what the wee little shites at school used to call me. All the time.
See I was ill as a lad, I was always picking up this and that and every time a bout of the ol’ flu came about you’d be hard pressed to put a bet on against me catchin it I tell ye. 
What I never told anyone though was that I liked being sick. It gave me the time off school so I could play about with me toys, kick a ball about with pa’s dog and generally doing nothin with me day. I honestly shoulda had a subscription to daytime cartoons, cause I was their number 1 viewer.
 Problem was ye see, was that I couldn’t shake the sickness when I got older. I swears to ya that I vomited through me whole twenties and I didn’t see the light of day until I was 35. Imagine that. A bloody recluse I was and off me own accord to boot. 
Being a recovering bulimic and male in my town wasn’t the easiest but now I see the light a the day and I’m all the better for it thanks to my friends and family. Don’t neglect the ones you love people, they are often the ones who will save your sorry asses”

Tom Reynolds, Ireland