Wine Is Not Empty Calories To Me

“Hi Jiggsy! I know this is probably something that I shouldn’t say, but given your amazing page that lets people tell their secrets I thought I’d give you mine.
 So four years ago I was ‘diagnosed’ with anorexia nervosa. I use the term loosely because I’d known it for years but it took my local GP to confirm it. 
Anyway the only thing that has helped me 
come back and start to make me feel ok about adding on calories has been from drinking alcohol.
I get this is probably stupid but it genuinely has helped me. I don’t mean drinking much but just adding in the extra empty calories has kinda got my head around putting things back into my body.
Anyway, I understand if this is not something you want to put up but alas it’s my jiggsaw.”

Alice Carey, Watford, UK