YES I Got This!

“Saw my therapist yesterday and I told her that I was tired. Tired of feeling like I’m not getting anywhere. I’m not in my eating disorder anymore, but everything else is just too much. I’m not being a good mom, wife or sister. I just feel like I’m failing at everything.
 She said to me that what I was experiencing was just ‘life.’ Life is not an easy ride. I told her that it looks that way to some of my friends. She told me to stop comparing myself to others, for I have no idea what goes on behind their seemingly ‘perfect’ lives.
I guess I had gotten frustrated with myself. My character traits are to be the best, to want to make everyone proud and to look like I have my ‘shit’ together. I wonder now how on earth I managed to fit an eating disorder into my day as well.
 Bottom line is she told me that it was totally OK to be where I am right now. I just need to take a breather, re-focus, not sweat the small stuff and crack on. She reminded me that I’ve been here before and that I got back on track before.
So yes, yes, YES I got this…I’m not going to let my negative chatter get to me anymore.”

Susan Monks, Los Angeles