How Jiggsy can help you

If you are struggling with an eating disorder or mental health issue, or if you are the parent or partner of a loved one, then I share my experience and ‘toolkit for recovery’ with you.

If you are a group/company/organisation/charity, let’s work together. I create engaging, bespoke workshops that motivate change. I use Jiggsy’s unique ‘Jiggsaw’ platform as a foundation to connect clients with themselves and others.

I use my journey of recovery from anorexia, combined with my extensive experience within the broadcasting industry, to promote awareness, prevention and strategies for mental health and wellbeing. Whether presenting to 10 or 10,000 people, I bring numerous topics for discussion; nothing is off limits.

Mental Health and Wellbeing Workshops

A bespoke Jiggsy workshop is an engaging and interactive platform to:

  • Explore who you are without using destructive coping behaviours.
  • Discover ‘what you are recovering to.’
  • Build self-esteem, confidence, identity and resilience.
  • Troubleshoot difficulties during the recovery process.
  • Connect with others who have a shared experience via our ‘Jiggsaw’ platform.
  • Educate, create and deliver comprehensive mental wellbeing programmes.

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Public speaking

  • I demystify the stigma surrounding eating disorders, and explain what did and didn’t work for me.
  • I deliver my story with passion and authenticity, and encourage the audience to take their own journey alongside me.
  • I have experience of speaking at a range of events including schools, companies and charities, and media broadcasts.

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